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Rubber Flooring in Commercial Spaces

Rubber flooring is slowly growing in popularity as an ideal type of flooring to use in residential areas. But if it’s commercial space that you’re in search of flooring for, then this is definitely an ideal choice to make.

Sound Absorption

This type of floor is very good for sound absorption or sound proofing. If silence in your workplace is vital then you will definitely appreciate having this type of floor installed. No matter what kind of footwear your employees or customers have on, they won’t be leaving noisy footfall in their wake.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This type of floor won’t be a problem when it comes to maintenance either. You won’t need to hire certified cleaners or outsource its maintenance needs regularly. More likely than not, your regular maintenance crew will be able to clean your flooring effectively and thoroughly. You just have to remember to use a neutral cleaning solution at all times. Avoid extremely strong detergents or cleaning solutions with excessively high or low pH balances.

Heavy Traffic

Carpets tend to become threadbare with the passage of time and it’s likely to happen more quickly than usual if it’s subjected to heavy traffic all the time. The same goes for natural hardwood and stone flooring. Unfortunately, heavy traffic is a constant when your workplace deals with large amounts of inventories all the time or your business requires you to maintain a large warehouse.

Thankfully, that won’t be a problem with rubber flooring. It can withstand heavy traffic every day without having its quality affected. This is especially true if you opt for rubber rolls or sheets rather than rubber tiles. With the latter, it’s possible that the adhesive for its seams would come off given time and wear and tear. But with rubber floor sheets, you won’t have to worry about anything like that.


Is safety your greatest concern when it comes to employees in your workplace or clients visiting your office? Safety is another reason why you should seriously consider having this type of flooring installed in your home. It’s slip-proof even when the entire surface is moist or damp.

Also, unlike other types of floors they do not make good homes for parasites or bacteria. They won’t cause your workspace to have a more polluted atmosphere the way moist carpeted tiles or rotten wood flooring would.

Quick Installation and Replacement

Another good thing about rubber floors is that they are not that difficult to install. Even if it’s your first time to install any type of floor, you just need to read the instruction guide – or find something similar on the Internet – and you won’t have any problems installing your floors properly.


Last but not the least, business owners prefer to use this type of flooring in their offices and commercial spaces because they are very cost-efficient. Rubber flooring costs less than fibreglass flooring but can be just as tough, and finally they offer a wider variety of designs and styles for you to choose from.