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Different Uses of Rubber Flooring

To the surprise of many there are actually many different uses for rubber flooring. It is true that this type of flooring is very useful for kids’ rooms and gyms because they are low-shock floors, safe, and comfortable, but there are some other properties of the material that can make it practical and long lasting. Here is a quick look at the other uses of rubber flooring.

Different Ways to Use Rubber Floor Materials

  1. You can turn it into a soundproof wall. If you are into music and you need materials to create a soundproof music room then rubber sheets are a good place to start. The material is less likely going to allow sound to penetrate through and will create the thick, vibrant working area required when practicing or recording music. It is much easier to get rolls of rubber than it is to collect soundproof padding or egg carts to cover your walls and ceiling with. Another good thing to consider is that it is much more affordable than getting double or triple padded walls. If you are a newbie musician and you really want to have a soundproof music room, then rubber floors would be the perfect option for you.
  2. You can also use rubber mats to create non-slip areas. This is why most mats used in shower rooms are made from rubber; they are just so firm and non-slippery that even wet feet won’t slip over them. You may want to add rubber mats in shower areas where kids will bathe in and in the kitchen, especially close to the sink. You may want to add rubber mats at the door so people won’t slip as they go in or out of the house.
  3. Rubber floors are also really good if you want to save up on money but still want to make your house looking fashionable and pretty. Rubber comes in all sorts of designs and colours so you do not always have to stick to the black and grey, metallic designs that you normally find in gyms and garages. One look at the multi-coloured floors of children’s playgrounds should give you a good idea of the innumerable options given to you. Some people even prefer to collect recycled rubber and then paint them over themselves so they can come up with all sorts of jigsaw floor patterns.

Thinking Beyond the Boundaries

You do not have to limit your rubber floors to just gyms and your kids’ rooms. You can use mats in the bathroom, the kitchen, the music room, and many other corners of your home. Some landscape artists find uses for rubber sheets and mats in their gardening jobs. All you have to do is to think a little outside of the box and make use of the rubber to make the most out of your purchase. Rubber flooring generally lasts for a good fifteen to twenty years but if you recycle them for other purposes then you may be able to use the same mat for twenty years more.