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The Cost of Rubber Flooring

These days, everybody is clamoring over the practical benefits and affordability of rubber flooring. But do you even know what it is? You may not have realized it but every time you go to the gym, the floor you are walking on is actually a rubber floor, most likely rolled in sheets or tiles. The most common image that pops in people’s minds when this type of floor is mentioned is the colorful jigsaw rubber tiles used in children’s playrooms. You can find hospital waiting rooms, babysitting rooms, gyms, and even some shopping centers that use rubber floors. So what exactly are rubber floors and how much do they cost? Why do many commercial establishments prefer them and why are they becoming very popular these days?

What are Rubber Floors?

Rubber flooring can be made from natural rubber. It can be made synthetically, or it can be crafted from recycled materials. This alone makes rubber a highly environment-friendly option for those who want to steer clear from wooden tiled floors. It also makes it very affordable so it is also a practical choice for those who do not want to cough up a lot of dough for their flooring requirements.

The material is very shock-absorbent, which is the main reason why it is used in kids rooms and playschools. They could tumble and play all day but never complain of a scraped elbow whenever they fall down. If you are worried about cleanliness, it will be a pleasant surprise to discover that rubber floors are actually repellent to bacteria and microbes.

Additionally, cleaning it is quick and easy. Even water won’t seep through so it just takes a quick swipe to get it to dry.

How Much Would Rubber Floors Cost?

Surprisingly, rubber floors are very affordable. One can find an entire rubber sheet that goes for 54-inches long and a good one foot wide for only $15-$25. This makes rubber a lot more affordable than other kinds of flooring materials like ceramic or marble tiles, wooden panels, or wooden planks. Of course, there are some brands and rubber variations that could cost a little more but the usual amount for a single strip or a meter-sized tile generally goes from $15-$30 on average. This is a very good thing to consider for those who want to use rubber floors for areas as large as their living room, their garden walkway and their garage. Such areas could cost a fortune on flooring alone but with the price of rubber floors, you could definitely save a lot of money in the process.

Should You Opt for Rubber Floors?

So are rubber floors practical to use, considering its cost and the quality of the material? If you want to have floors that are easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to walk on and hard to slip over, then rubber is a viable choice for you. It is affordable, easy to recycle, and it is very durable. Rubber flooring can last for fifteen years and more, making it the most practical choice you could go for.